Did you know...?

. . .that a companion or lover diagnosed or undiagnosed with malignant narcissism can still have an negative impact on your life. Some people probably need to contact Domestic Violence Hotline right now. However, they say well...she never hit me or he never hit me. Some are being hit and still won't call it domestic violence. Did you see the Youtube where the woman beat her man over the head with her laptop as they exited an airplane? Now he was being physically abused. And embarrassed.

So now. . . since you've been with "Tyrone" or "Tara" you're feeling less confident, unloved, can't do anything right. Some people even feel like or a failure or is being told by the love of their life that they are a failure. Just maybe, you're the victim of these subtle forms of domestic violence:

He or she controls the money (yours and his)

Puts you down in front of friends and family

Turns the children against you

Talks (lies) about you behind your back

Calls you out of your name

Uses friends and family to stalk (spy on) you or do evil things to you

The actions start out small then snowballs... It usually ends with physical violence and/or murder.

If this is you, don't keep waiting. Start your journey to peace. Help me share some other ways that narcissistic abuse shows itself. Can't wait to hear from you.

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